On Time, Every Time

In the beginning

In 2018 a group of experienced like-minded payroll professionals were discussing the umbrella payroll markets along with considering years of feedback from recruitment agencies and contractors on their experiences. It was during this conversation that the idea to create a new forward thinking payroll provider was born.

Our Vision

PAYEme Ltd was founded using a vision based on contractor and agency feedback – the most common themes being that contractors and agencies demanded a personal service attitude and not just feeling as though they are ‘just another weekly fee’. With this in mind the wheels were put in motion to provide an umbrella solution without the numb, faceless, robotic service provided by so many other umbrella companies.

PAYEme Today

PAYEme has gone from strength to strength and has grown into a multi-sector contractor umbrella and agency solution. Our contractor base has significant range from Aviation specialists through to Zoologists and almost everything in between! PAYEme provides an umbrella solution based in the UK giving contractors everything they need to address the challenges resulting from IR35.

At PAYEme we can also boast of our senior management having the knowledge from over 25 years of experience in the recruitment industry so can directly relate about the impacts of how a poor service can not only create an unhappy workforce but how this can also have a knock on effect from agency to client.

Our staff have over 20 years combined payroll experience in helping contractors and freelancers getting paid on-time, every-time, so our processes from initial on-boarding to payment are always carried out with you and that in mind.

PAYEme has an in-house legal support team which means our knowledge of current and upcoming HMRC legislation and processes are always up to date giving you peace of mind knowing you are in safe hands.

PAYEme Now

Whether you are a contractor looking to be paid on-time, every-time, an agency looking for a compliant payroll partner or an end user client seeking assistance to ensure their business runs smoothly with no IR35 risks, you can rest at ease knowing PAYEme will look after all your payroll requirements to allow you the time and space to focus on what you do best.

We are currently undergoing a period of growth and are always looking to source new contractors, agencies and staff so if you have any Umbrella requirements, please get in touch and let PAYEme PAYEyou.

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